Bluehost Review

Company information

Bluehost is well known in the hosting world for their award winning services and unique ability to maintain proper support for thousands of individuals and companies who continue to use them for all of their hosting needs. They are known as one of the top ten best hosts available online and have several plans to choose from regardless of what your budget is. They have services and products to suit the needs of individuals who just want to create a personal blog to those businesses who need to increase the productivity of their company with a bigger and better site which requires more bandwidth and space.


•Site Builder – Free
•FrontPage Extensions 2000/2002
•Unlimited Domains
•Unlimited FTP
•Unlimited Space
Bonus features

•24/7 Responsive Support
•Free Domain For Life
•2,500 Emails

Customer support

Bluehost like many of the more popular hosting companies provides its customers with support 24 hours a day seven days a week. With so many customers there are many different time differences and it allows customers to get the support they need regardless of what time of night or day it is. They offer email support which is great for those who prefer to write their problem in words instead of via a phone call. You will receive a reply to your question or concern in a timely manner giving them the upmost respect from their thousands of loyal clients.


When it comes to reliability Bluehost is definitely in the top ten. They have top notch support, great services and products and provide you with the dependability that you need as an individual or as a business owner. Finding a reliable host that can provide you with an uptime of at least 99% and customer support that is available any time you need it can be a daunting task. However, with Bluehost you will never have to worry about reliability again.

Overall review

Bluehost offers many different hosting products and services to meet the needs of most individuals and businesses. They provide you with dependable customer support, fair pricing and a fast load time. Many host companies that are competitive on prices have slow load times or horrible customer service but with Bluehost they are quite the opposite. Regardless of what type of hosting package you need or the reason behind it they are here for you and ready to serve you to the best of their ability.

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8 Responses to “Bluehost Review”

  1. Master49 says:

    I have used BlueHost for a while and I’m very satisfied with the service. One of the best, cheapest and the most popular hosting services in the world.

    Some of the features I love of BlueHost: low price, the service it’s excellent, high quality network, good customer care service. I highly recommended this hosting.

  2. David says:

    I have been using Bluehost for sometime and I am pleased with their service. Bluehost customer support is first class and I would say the websites are fast to upload and I believe Google have regarded website speed as one of their alogrithm when calculating search engine rank.

    I notice that they have changed to “money back any time Guarantee” and I am not surprised with the guarantee due to the quality of their hosting service.

  3. Ryan says:

    My review about BlueHost:

    Their customer service is excellent, the feature I love is the unlimited space and bandwidth, specially for big sites as mine. When I start my business I was looking for the company with high quality service and unlimited features, I found Blue Host.

    I recommend BlueHost as my first option, try it now.

  4. Abhi says:

    It’s been few years now since I shifted to BlueHost from the earlier Host provider. The service that I have received has been great and I am very satisfied with their assistance. To me they are one of the most proactive host providers in their efforts and services when compared to others in the industry. The customized components they provide in the Cpanel is amazing and of top quality. I had a single problem with transferring of my websites last year and they were quick to help me out and solve my problems relating to the site transfer. They seem to have Good storage capacity along with a great transfer rate and database capacity. I would recommend BlueHost to all those who are looking for a new service provider or a shift from their existing providers.

  5. Roswell Rex says:

    Bluehost provides best support for users with fast uptime and great Web servers, it is the best availability of this hosting site (something you do not even have to think with Bluehost), how could I say because of I am user over 1 year, so I can say that it is the best for users. Users get here best access FTP to download files quickly.

  6. Richard says:

    Bluehost is the best web host we have ever had. This site has unlimited GB space for site transfer with spam assasin Pprotection, which is fast enough to create your own website work. Bluehost does not go offline at random without response. If there are any problems with the web servers, staff or administrators are just above the problem and ready with a message explaining what is happening with a server. It is the sign of successful services. Keep it up.

  7. hachi says:

    i have been with bluehost for 2 years . its an OK hosting for just $7 per year. I am using them to host my forum which had about 1k users and for $7 you can’t expect more . Occasional they have some hiccups but most of the time they are reliable host. for an unlimited bandwith and space this is probably the best hosting server available right now

  8. Don says:

    i saw this hosting back then when i was searching one for my photo blog. I’m not really a heavy usage user , sometimes i would upload my work and hobby stuff to my blog and that requires fast uploading service . bluehost has fast ftp service and unlimited bandwidth, that’s way better than flickr. bluehost support has been wonderful to me and they help me when i encounter problem with WordPress so I’d say this is a good hosting provider.

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