Supergreen Hosting Review

Company information

When it comes to Supergreen Hosting they are determined to turn the CO2 dependent hosting industry into a true security haven for all webmasters who are worried about the effects on the environment re around them. They have not only reduced the carbon footprint that they left at one point but they are working towards reversing it as well. Supergreen Hosting is currently involved in one of the biggest tree planting projects and work hard to plant thousands of new trees each year to help fix some of the damage that web hosting has done to the environment over the years. Unlike other companies who continue to destroy the environment Supergreen Hosting is working towards eliminating as much as possible.


99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee (Anytime)
Unlimited Disk Space
Bonus features

Unlimited Bandwidth
Free Domain

Customer support

Supergreen Hosting has excellent customer support and guarantees your satisfaction. They have continuously worked towards revamping their customer service to meet the needs and requirements of all of their customers. They provide the support that many customers rely on 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They don’t close for holidays and can be contacted any time of the year so if you get stuck on something and need immediate service you can find it with Supergreen Hosting. You can contact them via email, online chat or by phone depending on what works best for you.  They also offer a wide variety of online tutorials that helps those who are just learning how to use their hosting or others who may have a quick question to find the answer they need.


Supergreen Hosting is a very reliable hosting company in which hundreds of customers have switched to over the years. If you are looking for a reliable company that can guarantee you 99% uptime, all the perks and bonuses that you are looking for in a hosting company and support that out does all other hosting companies then Supergreen Hosting is for you.

Overall review

When it comes to Supergreen Hosting they have everything that you are looking for in a long term webhost.  They have a wide variety of services and products to choose from which is great for individuals who just want a blog or a company who needs the space and bandwidth to help them go viral. From start to finish Supergreen Hosting is here for you and will do whatever it takes to make the process from moving from one host to another as painless as possible. You will get the most for your money when using Supergreen Hosting.

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