Webhostingpad Review

Company information

When it comes to WebhostingPad they are currently in the top ten best hosts found online. Since 2005, they have done whatever is necessary to ensure that their customers have the best products and services, fastest speeds and affordable prices. They have the knowledge and experience that is required to run the hosting company properly to guarantee that all clients will be given the best customer support and service. They may have been one of the newer companies to come into the hosting business but the service that they provide is definitely concrete.


• Brand Spanking New Data Center
• Customer Service That Wins Awards
• Unlimited Space
• Unlimited Bandwidth
Bonus features

• 30 Day Guarantee
• 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime
• Unlimited Domains

Customer support

Webhostingpad takes their job very seriously and guarantees only superior customer service. You can contact them via email and they will respond within a timely manner. Regardless of what you need support for they are there for you from start to finish. You can contact them in many different methods including email, phone or even live chat. You choose which one is the easiest for you as they work hard to give you different options that are convenient.


Finding a reliable hosting company is never an easy task especially when you have to spend countless hours of searching the internet for a company that can provide you with everything you need at a price that you can actually afford. Webhostingpad goes out of their way to be the best reliable host possible while keeping prices low and customer service high. They offer a true 99% uptime unlike many other companies who offer it but fail to deliver. If you are not happy with the service then you can always go elsewhere but after using them for just a short period of time you will wish you had found them sooner.

Overall review

The economy has put a ton of pressure of many individuals and small companies so it’s imperative to keep productivity running smoothly that costs remain as low as possible. With Webhostingpad companies can purchase all of their hosting needs from one place without ever worrying about how much the price will vary from month to month. You will know what your rates are at all times and if at any time you need to downgrade or upgrade you can do so within a short period of time. Webhostingpad offers a wide variety of products and services that will surely fit the needs of many regardless of their purpose of needing hosting.

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5 Responses to “Webhostingpad Review”

  1. Andrew says:

    The cheapest web hosting provider. I wanna tell you the best features of this provider.

    My company has looking for a new hosting provider some years ago, the past year we found WebHostingPad and we’ve tried it.

    The results were wonderful, high quality services, excellent customer support, unlimited features as space and bandwidth, all for less than $2 bucks!

    I’ve tried a lot of hosting providers in the past and never was satisfied with the results, now that I’ve found WebHostingPad I can say that my company is growing up faster due I can waste more money in promote my site and just $2.00 at month to pay the host.

    Highly recommended guys!

  2. Matt Hank says:

    I agree with Andrew, the cheapest hosting provider that you can found.

    When someone asked me about the best hosting provider I always say WebHostingPad, why? They offer you the best hosting service at the lower price possible.

    There’re a lot of host that promise you high quality service at 5 dollars but when you buy it you know that they’re not the best. This is not the same case, you can buy the smaller package and see how you can setup bigger sites with just 2 dollars.

    I recommend it by: their features, price and customer support.

  3. Daniel Stone says:

    WebHostingPad has lots of outstanding reliability, it offers best services to transferring a website. I wanted to open the site for some time, but did not find any reliable free host. But during Google search I found WebHostingPad that is absolutely surprised for me, and I am very satisfied with this site now, what they have to offer, and the best part is that all these amazing things it does not cost anything, I have found here lots of free domain names. Many thanks to WebHostingPad!

  4. Tom says:

    We are so impressed from Webhostingpad. It is the great hosting provider site! I have used many of the web hosting tools here and I am satisfied with it because of they provide excellent support and working so hard.

    It is the best site to choose hosting services or products. It is very affordable and promise to 99.9% guaranteed uptime that is very useful for users, even things that is the best for your needs.

  5. alexa says:

    i was with them for about 6 month and decided to find a better hostingpermanently.they are very tempting with their low price, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited space however their downtime is also top notch. This hosting goes down almost every day and it affected my work. The support team hardly reply and all they could say is we’re sorry for your trouble.

    the lesser amount you pay, the lesser quality you get. avoid this hosting

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