What is web hosting?

Understanding Web Hosting Service

Web hosting service is as the name suggests a service that enables internet users to gain access to several websites that are available on its web server. For this, the website owner has to approach a web hosting service, and lodge the website on the web server of the hosting service. This web server of the hosting service is constantly connected to Internet. The connection speed of the web server is very high.

Basically, web servers may also be computers. However, they are configured in a different way. In them is a software program, which organizes the websites for giving quick access to the specific website when any Internet user requests for such access.

Since the number of websites on Internet is very large, and so is the number of Internet users, a system has been developed so that these users can access any information they request easily and with great speed. Each user of internet whether an individual or a website is assigned to a numeric code called IP or Internet Protocol. This is hard to remember. Moreover, it may also be dynamic under some circumstances. However, for computers remembering this or identifying the new number is no issue. For human beings an easier system has been developed. Humans use the URLs instead, which is like an ordinary name. URL is the acronym for Uniform Resource Locator. It gets linked to the IP number and when the IP number changes, the URL gets linked to the new IP number. This process of URL’s conversion into IP numbers is done through the DNS, or the Domain Name System.

Types of web hosting

There are different types of web hosting such as free web hosting, dedicated server hosting, virtual server hosting, reseller hosting, shared web hosting, cloud hosting, clustered hosting grid hosting, co-location web hosting, and home server hosting to select. Web hosting services may also offer specialized hosting services for specific types of contents, such as those for hosting videos, blogs, images, shopping carts, emails, files, etc.

Web servers of the host service may be owned or leased. These servers are located in what is referred to as a “data center”. Web hosting services need to be selected carefully. Important aspect of any web hosting service is the storage space being offered by it for the website. Usage of bandwidth is another aspect of this service. Even if the visitor is using the bandwidth for transfers, it costs something to the website owner. The hosting service should offer some email accounts, chat rooms, shopping carts, etc.  It is necessary that the web hosting service support the type of platforms, databases, and operating systems that are used or needed for the website. In addition, the web hosting service should be reliable in terms of uptime and security and they should also offer backups, and generate statistics about visitors to the site.